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Hunter College High school

Entrance Exam

One of the top elite school besides Specialized high schools is the Hunter College High school. It is a 7 years high school which is consist of intermediate and high school level. Only students who scores more than 625 points on both 5th grade New York State English and Math Examination will be eligible to apply for the entrance exam.

The HCHS Entrance Exam is only open to students who reside within the five boroughs of New York City at the time of application submission. The student’s middle school principal OR guidance counselor must report their NYSE scores directly to the HCHS Admissions office. Also, this examination is only given in English language.

HCHS General Information:

HCHS sections
HCHS Entrance Exam application deadline
HCHS Exam Date
30 Math problems 50 Evidence – Based Reading problems 1 Essay writing
November 20th
January 11, 2019 (no make – up dates or rescheduling)
Exam Length
Exam Cost
Requirement to apply
3 hours
Non-refundable, administrative fee of $70.00**
Minimum Scores* on NYS is 625 points
*Minimum Score Students who earned a minimum of 625 on only ONE of the exams are not eligible to apply to Hunter College High School.
**Reduced fee of $20.00 is available to families that meet income requirements.
***The students who write the top approximately 170 essays are selected for admission to HCHS.

Why should students apply?

Students should challenge themselves and broaden their academic opportunities. Being accepted to this school, students will be challenged to many college level and career opportunities. Unlike most students required to prepare for intermediate school entrance applications and high school entrance applications, students will be relieved from those while experiencing higher education at Hunter High school. It is also ranked by the New York Post along with the Specialized high school (

Why should students prepare for HCHS Entrance Exam with Weibo?

This is our first year preparing students for HCHS Entrance Exam, yet out of the total number of students, 50% was invited to take this exam. Through Weibo Learning Organization, not only were students given a chance to pursue a higher education but also broaden their opportunities in their academic areas. The HCHS Entrance Exam preparatory classes at Weibo Learning organization is held on Monday through Friday from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.