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Impressing  Recognition Technique​

“Impressing Recognition Technique” was created by Principal Jianbo Wei as an instant Chinese Character recognition technique. With 185 syllabic radicals and 42 sub-syllabic radicals as fundamental Chinese language, we teach students the revolution of the Chinese language from the past till now. When students understood the purpose and how Chinese characters were constructed, they can utilize literacy cards to vividly display the “sound, shape and meaning”for students so they will be impressed and recognized the words within a short time. Right after that, we cultivate their language skills by understanding words and utilizing them in sentences. These are the reasons why, “Impressing Recognition Technique” has been proven to be extremely effective.


First Set of learning material: Wei Bo Chinese

“Wei Bo Chinese” is a set of Chinese textbooks specially designed for overseas children. There are a total of 18 volumes with A, B exercise books and supporting literacy cards and DVDs. This set of textbooks is aimed at the letter-sensitive characteristics of overseas Chinese children. It directly enters the literacy stage, starting with the 260-syllabic radicals, and then learning the words, words, sentences, poems, dialogues and articles, step by step, ring Intertwined, live and learn.

The textbook provides a large number of beautiful and vivid pictures in the picture card and literacy part. Through the clever idea, the word “sound, shape and meaning” is vividly and vividly reflected, which makes the students easy to accept and impress. The textbooks emphasize the ability to train students to learn new things, and enhance their ability to listen, speak, read, and write, and learn about Chinese traditional culture through daily life scene dialogue. This textbook can help students use Chinese to complete life, basic communication tasks and reading and writing tasks. It is an immersive textbook with rich content, so that children can prepare a solid and deep root of Chinese.

Second Set of learning material: Loving Chinese

Principal Wei’s “Loving Chinese” is a set of textbooks for Chinese learners who has zero Chinese language skills. There are 6 volumes of this set of textbooks, including ” Chinese Workbook” A and B books, as well as literacy cards and DVDs.
This textbook is for all the Chinese non-native language learners, the characteristics of this book starts from learning pinyin, then listen to the language of construction and with vivid, colorful pictures, and read English translation as they follow along with the textbook. This set of materials will allow learners gradually master the learning content in a relaxed and happy learning atmosphere. Through textbooks, dialogues, sentences, and texts, the textbooks enhance their ability to listen, speak, read, and write. Not only on the academic level, but also allow learners to enhance their self-confidence and sense of accomplishment in the process of learning.

Third Set of learning material: Tian Tian Learning Chinese

This 9 volumes series of books is for international learners with zero Chinese language skills includes Tian Tian Learns Chinese Activity book, Draw and Write, and other materials such as literacy cards and DVD.
Tian Tian Learns Chinese set of book was written with stories and topics closely resemble reality and daily lifestyle. The learning materials are given in order from basic to more advanced lesson through story-telling, presentation, poetry, and games to excite and entertain children’s passion with learning Chinese.
We have utilized this set in Weibo Learning Organization for many years by now due to the fact it students finds it useful even if they had zero Chinese foundation.
Completion of Tian Tian Learns Chinese series will help student learn 500 Chinese characters, 160 sentence, and they can use these knowledge in their daily life.

Fourth Set of learning material: Wei Bo You Er Zhong Wen

֟You Er Zhong Wen is the major learning material utilized during our Summer Enrichment Camp. This set of learning material includes textbook and activity book for practice. It is specifically made for elementary level children with story, poem, colorful characters, variety of picture and word flashcards. 

Through all these entertaining ways to encourage and cultivate student’s Chinese character recognition and reading comprehension.

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Chinese Classes are provided in the following two programs:

Option 1: Weekend Program
Saturday 9:00am to 12:00pm
Eligibility: 4 years old and up
Option 2: Summer Camp Program
Summer July & August Monday through Friday
Eligibility: 4 years old and up