After School Program

Are you concern about being unable to care for your child after school?

Are you having difficulties reviewing your child’s homework?

Is your child having a great difficulty acquiring English as Second Language?

Don’t Worry!!!

That’s why Weibo is HERE!

Weibo Learning Organization after school program was found in 2006. We are constantly striving to build a learning environment, a motivational atmosphere, and provide supports in all school subjects so students can make great improvements.

We do this by having a close communication with the educators from your child’s school. This allows us to keep close observation on student’s study. Not only do we communicate with schools, we keep all parents’ updates regarding your child’s academic information.
After close observations, we provide materials based on individual needs in academic improvements for your child to work on at home. Through communication with your child, we listen closely to what they feel difficult in each subject and arrange assignments accordingly.
Not only do we listen, we encourage your child to take on challenges and build confident so they can turn their weaknesses to their strengths.

Without footsteps, there won’t be miles.
Without streams, there won’t be rivers and seas.

For your child’s future, let’s work together!

Students eligible for enrollment:

Program Setup

Homework Assignment

Homework completion is one of the major aspects which we focus on to ensure students do well in school. We use websites such as pupil path or direct contact with the classroom teacher to guarantee students complete the proper assignments for each subject. Through checking each assignment thoroughly is how we will know whether student understand their classroom materials.

Reading Comprehension

Students are grouped into different classrooms and is taught new lessons based on their reading level. In the classroom, we provide new reading materials and weekly vocabularies to increase students reading comprehension level. Not only in-class practice, we also provide online resources for students to study from home. Raz-Kids is a reading website works closely with the proper reading level in the American education system. This system provides statistic of student’s reading level and in-detail skills required for improvement. Through this, teachers can provide the proper materials for individual students to grow in their reading comprehension.

Mathematical Skills improvement

Our Weibo afterschool program follows the New York Department of Education Common Core system to provide the proper learning lessons for students from individual grade. We have weekly lessons to teach mathematical skills along with practice problems for students to practice. Students are also welcome to utilize Mathletics website at home to practice more mathematical skills.

English as Second Language (ESL) Transaction

For new immigrants, speaking, listening, and reading English can be a great difficulty. Majority also experience trouble with unable to understand classroom lessons, homework problems, and culture shocks. Weibo afterschool program provide interesting materials and teachers patiently guide each student adjust to the new environment through learning English as Second Language.

Our Unique Features​

Three ways Communication​

Our organization values in establishing a parent-school-institutional relationship. Keep in touch with the school’s teachers to learn about the children’s learning and performance at school. Keep in touch with your parents and keep the students’ learning at home.​

Administration Management​

Post-class learning is often seen in internet programs, but due to the lack of caused some websites to lose their value. The center has a dedicated team to carry out post-human management, and check the usage of children’s reading websites and math websites in real time every week, and give them to parents in real time.

WeChat punch card​

Establish WeChat group and WeChat punching mechanism. Allow parents to participate in the student learning management and check the card every day to confirm that the child is completing the assignments at home. Through card punching will help to cultivate the child’s self-discipline.​

Incentive mechanism

To encourage children, we regularly hold activities and encouragement to encourage children’s spontaneity. Math website and reading website, as long as the child insists on practicing, they will have improvements and rewards.

Our program has educators with experience based on New York Bilingual Program licenses along with numerous teacher assistant to form or Weibo Learning Organization after school program team.

We are professionals with after school program!  Believe in us and your child’s future will be secure!




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