Summer Camp

Weibo Learning Organization Summer Camp Introduction

Weibo Learning Orgranization aims to cultivate bilingual talents with all-round development of moral, intellectual and physical education. It has set up a variety of learning courses in Chinese, English writing, special high school, SAT and painting basketball. It is supported by many overseas Chinese children who study Chinese. In addition, Weibo’s teaching and research team has created Chinese series of textbooks such as Weibo Children’s Chinese, Sweet Chinese, Love Chinese, and Weibo Chinese. Among them, “Weibo Impression Quick Literacy” allows students to easily learn Chinese and quickly enter the reading stage.
Weibo Summer Camp is a comprehensive summer camp with both academic counseling and a variety of activities. During the summer of more than two months, children’s homework is not only strengthened, but also to be able to participate in a variety of activities, which is also the expectation of many parents for the summer camp. The Weibo Education Center Summer Camp meets this requirement.



Date: Annually July and August.
Register Requirement: Kindergarten to 12th grade (4th years and older)
Program goal: Utilize summer to provide a educational and entertaining place for our children.
Professional Educators: America Licensed teachers with Mandarin and English Bilingual education experiences. All educators are well experienced and responsible in teaching.
Additional services: Government subsidized breakfast and lunch; Early or Tardy pickup has professional caretakers; In particular areas, we provide transportation services.

Summer Camp Video Intro

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按程度分级教学, 教学效果明显, 成绩显著提高.

Friday Tour

The summer camp effectively matches the time of study and entertainment, so that the children have a combination of relaxation and relaxation. Because they are studying at school from Monday to Thursday, the teachers will lead the children out on Friday to let the children’s energy be effectively released and get the best summer experience.



136-40 39th Ave Suite 602
Flushing, NY, 11354


718-353-5599 (Mon - Fri)
646-209-2665 (Mon - Sat)
646-651-3281 (Sat)

Office Hours

9:00am-5:00pm (Mon - Fri)
10:00am-5:00pm (Sat)
Except Holidays

class location

142-30 Barclay Ave
Flushing, NY 11355



IS 220 4812 9th Ave
Brooklyn, 11220



Organization Feature

Weibo Learning Organization is the only organization researches, creates, and teaches our own Chinese language learning materials. Our exclusive research and development in three sets of Chinese language learning materials: Weibo Chinese, Tian Tian Learn Chinese, and Love Chinese. Each teacher assigns reading material based on individual student’s reading level with the feedbacks from Raz-kids online website. 

On Raz-kids, students are allowed to read books based on different reading levels and books they enjoy to cultivate their love for reading. Every additional book they put effort in will aid them in becoming a better reader and improve on their reading comprehension. Beside English, Mathematic, Mandarin courses, additional courses such as variety of dance, art, Kung Fu and et cetera. Every Friday, students goes to movies, educational sites, and adventurous trips!

Summer Course Selections

Choice 1: Mandarin + English + Mathematic + One Talent course.
Choice 2: English Writing + English + Mathematic + One Talent course.
Choice 3: English as Second Language (New Immigrant) + English + Mathematic + One Talent course.
Choice 4: SHSAT & SAT.
Choice 5: ISEE Elite Courses

Summer Camp FAQ

Yes, Wei Bo Summer Camp has 2019 New York Summer Camp License, there are lots of summer camp does not qualify for this program.  New York Government has very strict rule such as: Class room, bathroom, emergency exit. Teacher has first ad training. Also the fire system must be approved by the fire department. The school also must have insurance. To check the full list. Please visit this link.

Except for Chinese level, other classes are assigned by grade. We are licensed summer camp, so each class’s student total must follow New York Educational department’s requirement.

Each class has one teacher and 2-3 assistants.

Weibo Learning Center’s teacher all have Public school license. The teach has many years of bilingual experience, and fluent in both English and Chinese. Each curriculum’s teacher are all professional level. 

Because each student’s level, grade and class are different. So Please call us at: 646-209-2665. We’d love to learn more about your child.

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