About us

Helping Children Achieve Better Score and Learn Chinese Since 2006

Weibo Learning Organization was established in 2006 and has two sites: Flushing and Brooklyn in New York. Weibo Education is operated by a team of highly qualified and educated professional teachers.

It aims to cultivate bilingual talents with well-rounded fields in student’s moral, intellectual, and physical development. It has set up Chinese courses, English writing strengthening courses, specialized high school SHSAT courses, SAT courses, art class, and basketball. We offer a variety of classes such as annual after-school classes, Saturday classes, and summer camp which attracted hundreds or even thousands of students to join us.

In addition, the Weibo research team has created a series of Chinese textbooks such as “Weibo Young Chinese”, “Sweet Chinese”, “Love Chinese” and “Weibo Chinese”. Among them, “Weibo Rapid Impression Literacy” allows students to grasp Chinese language quickly so that they can comprehend more of the world through Chinese literature.



  • Enhance self- esteem of the participants
  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • Partnership with the community to provide a safe and supervised recreational program
  • Providing activities such as reading , arts and crafts and learning activities to cultivate the talent .
  • Actively engaging students in the learning process and develop their ideas
  • Students will develop physically to improve strength , endurance, flexibility and coordination through a variety of classes including dancing class, kung fu class, and basketball activities.
  • Students will develop socially while participating with other students in various academic and recreational activities